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Urban Observing List

For those, like me, who live in a metropolitan area, deep sky observing can be quite frustrating. No way you can enjoy the faint fuzzy's, but lucky for us, there's enough bright objects to be seen under our polluted sky to keep us away from cheer desperation and selling the useless lightbucket. Composed by Saguaro Astronomy Club to satisfy the urban observer.

Best 110 NGC

Also composed by the SAC to supply you with further challenges when the Messier list has been completed.

Abell Planetaries

Very faint, large planetaries, enough said.

Arp Peculiar Galaxies

Catalogued by Dr. Halton Arp, this is a list of galaxies with a peculair form. Included are a number of famous interacting galaxy pairs.

Galaxy Clusters

Hunting galaxy clusters: who wouldn't like to see a cluster of galaxies. Explore the Virgo cluster, the nearest to our galaxy and you'll find amazing vistas of sometimes up to 10 galaxies in one field of view. More distant clusters will not reveal such splendor but can be worthwhile nonetheless.

Other pages on cluster hunting:

If you can't get enough.

Loads of projects on this one.


A catalog of 100 objects which are virtually impossible to observe. For those night you'd like to waste on a futile hunt or to become "famous".

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